What Are The Uses Of Voice Call/SMS

Voice SMS/Calls service is an inventive way to communicate your messages to your customers or clients through voice recordings. Also known as OBD service, it is actually a very potent  system to manage the outbound calls that are initiated by our cloud telephony platform. The messages are recorded in advance thus you get the access to send the pre-recorded messages to the number of your customers directly in bulk. You can customise the audio message as per your wish. Not every individual in our country is versed at understanding or reason English or Hindi thus it is always necessary to send the messages in their native language; so that they can understand everything clearly. Thus, the bulk voice call service is a unique way to ensue your messages to your customers; so that they can understand everything you try to convey.

With the voice call service, you will be able to send your messages to a plethora of recipients in a matter of minutes. And it will actually help your business to grow by establishing proper communication with the customers. At YourBulkSMS, we offer you the best quality OBD service. Our bulk voice call service is unique in all aspects. Thus, it increases the rate of conversions greatly. YourBulkSMS offers quality services of voice calls and also our team is ready to assist you 24*7. We offer  99.9% delivery of messages that too on time with hassle free services of ours. Find the best voice calls pricing at YourBulkSMS.

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