Transactional Bulk SMS Service For Your Business

Sending SMSs has always been an easy and efficient way of engaging your target customers. SMS can be sent in bulk amounts in order to fulfil the needs of your business. Thus, the Bulk SMS Services have been divided into two major sections- Promotional Bulk SMS service and Transactional Bulk SMS service namely. Transactional bulk SMS services are one of the most efficient channels to interact with your customers directly. With the help of transactional bulk SMS, you can send messages in bulk amounts to a number of recipients to inform them about the status of their latest transaction with your company. 


  • You can check the confirmation of each SMS in SMS delivery report.
  • Unlike the promotional messages, you can send these SMS anytime.
  • You will be able to send customized messages with details like balance dues, etc.
  • No worries about DND numbers since these messages will be delivered to DND numbers also.



Keep your clients updated about their orders, product launches, discounts, promotions and others via SMS. 

Tours and Hospitality

Use this service to invite people at your events, update guests with the latest travel deals, flight delays, visa information and more. 

Educational Institutions

Utilize this messaging service for sending timely notifications to students and their parents. 


Remind your patients about their appointments, scheduled check-ups, pending media claims, vaccinations and more. 


Enhance customer experience by informing them about the scheduled services, upcoming launches, payment reminders and others.

Websites like offer you with one of the best transactional bulk SMS services that too at affordable prices. With the help of this service, you will be able to send direct messages to your customers by providing them with brief and detailed information about their transactions. The content of the SMS is specially created to be highly informative so that it can easily engage your customers.

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