SMPP Services Great Benefits in Bulk SMS Marketing

SMPP in the simplest of terms, are Short Message Peer-to-peer protocols to exchange messages used mostly by telecom industries. This protocol is utilized by the SMPP services provider in India (and all over the world of course), which we’ll talk about in a while. But this is stuff that one can just know, right? Two google clicks away.

Let’s talk about Peer-to-peer protocols before getting into the nuances.

What is SMPP?

Peer-to-peer protocols allow for terminal/peer devices to exchange messages with each other without having those messages to go through a central server system. This, in turn, makes messaging faster and independent. This bulk SMS API can be used to send all kinds of SMS types, including ordinary text, binary, and Unicode messages.  Now, as cool as that might sound, the peer-to-peer protocol model can’t be used stand-alone because:

  1. a) It tends to be more susceptible to attacks and so is used in collaboration with more substantial protocols and models.
  2. b) Peer-to-peer protocols are relatively newer in the market and hence not as well established.

In order to incorporate SMPPs, you’d need a server, which is provided by a vendor. SMPP services providers in India are getting into the mainstream telecom market because we, as a country, are beginning to establish ourselves in the industry. Since SMPPs are highly scalable, you need a pretty solid server to have things go smoothly. In addition, to secure IP binding, easy to use and manage, your SMPP and Bulk SMS service provider in Indore, India should provide you with a server that has a quick responsive web control panel and unlimited routes to capitalize on.

Features That A Good SMPP Hub Should Have

  • Easy Prefix and Number Series Management
  • Sender ID Management
  • Intelligent Q management
  • A secure binding of protocols to avoid collision and other types of attacks
  • High performance, high scalability, and versatility should be the points taken into consideration while looking for an SMPP services provider and in turn, an SMPP hub.

To keep it very, very simple (and effective because we learn by simplifying things), your look-out should follow one mantra- “SIMPLE! FAST! RELIABLE!”

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