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While people believe that SMS is a traditional, cliché or outdated method of marketing, there’s still so much spark left to be explored. All it needs is a hint of creativity combined with one of the best services for Promotional Bulk SMS in Indore, to engage consumer attention and enhance consumer loyalty.

Here are some simple ideas:

  1. Subscriber-Only Flash Sales or Discounts

Send exclusive deals to customers through SMS, one of the most effective ways to trigger a purchase. You can also run flash sale campaigns regularly so that your audience gets a big incentive to stay subscribed to your list.


  1. Blog Promotion

Using SMS marketing to share helpful and valuable blogs can be a great way to cross-promote your website, increase traffic and enhance CTRs.


  1. Weekly or Monthly Tips

Tips related to your business or industry niche, which provides knowledgeable value or benefits your customers, can be sent through SMS marketing.


  1. Run Contests

Run sweepstakes or contests and tell about it to your customers through promotional bulk SMS service in Indore by redirecting them to your landing page.


  1. Event Promotion

SMS are a great way to promote an upcoming business event, a sale, a get-together, a conference, a music festival or a product launch.


  1. Thank You & Surveys

If a customer purchased from your store, send them a thank you message. You can also attach a feedback form or a survey link, which is to be filled by the customer. This gives them a touch of personalisation and helps you understand, what your customers want from you.

If you use the bulk SMS service in Indore, you don’t even know the benefits you can reap through it. Especially, if you are using services of YourBulkSMS for your bulk SMS marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to see a higher turn-around.

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