List of Industries Who Often Use Bulk SMS for Communication

Use of Bulk SMS Marketing in Different Industries & Sectors

These days almost everyone has a cell phone. Every day, this communication device is being largely used for various purposes. Among the various utilities of a cell phone, one is obviously that we can send text messages through it. This is known as SMS or Short Messaging Service. This is a very useful and effective way of communication entailing a very low cost. Through this wonderful communication device, we all know readily that we can send any information to anyone within a few seconds. With the help of bulk SMS, we can send the same information or message to multiple number of people at the same time. Therefore it can easily be said that this is one of the most effective ways of communication in the present-day world. However, this very feature of the cell phone has its contribution to the world marketing strategy also.

These days the special feature of Bulk SMS marketing is found to be adopted by many business organizations. In the business sector, the popularity of Bulk SMS marketing has grown to a great extent. Therefore it can be said that the use of SMS no longer remained the mode to carry personal messages only. Most of the larger companies have adopted the bulk SMS marketing strategy as a cheap and effective tool to deliver their messages to their customers. So without beating about the bush, let us pay attention to the various industries that typically use bulk SMS for communication.

Bulk SMS for Educational Institutions:

  • For sending admission alerts
  • Admission confirmation notification
  • Fees dues
  • Fee acknowledgement message
  • Alteration in class timings
  • Examination alerts and so on.

All such tasks require the need for Bulk SMS service, as you cannot send hundreds and thousands of SMS to a host of students individually from your cell phone.

Bulk SMS for IT-Enabled Services

  • Notification when Password Reset
  • Server Downtime Notifications
  • Integration into the ERP Systems

Bulk SMS for Share Market

  • Notification about Trade Confirmations
  • Update End of Day Positions
  • Notification about Market News

Bulk SMS for Restaurants

  • Send offer details
  • Exclusive menu update
  • Coupon code for discounts
  • Table registration
  • Confirmation of table booking

Bulk SMS for Railways

  • Reservation confirmation notification
  • Train timing
  • Train cancellation updates

Bulk SMS for Banks

  • Payment deposit confirmation
  • Withdrawal information
  • Password update
  • Balance inquiry

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