Understanding your targeted audience, and customizing  your messages and offers based on their behaviour and requirement has a huge impact on your campaign effectiveness. Whether it is generating new leads, increasing sales for your business, or optimizing customer lifetime value, marketing just works better when it is personalized!

YourBulkSMS, An Bulk SMS Service Provider Indore, India offers you very effective ways to take personalization to giving a new face to branding of your business.  You can easily give a personal touch to your clienteles via bulk SMS marketing, and even collect data for in-depth personalization. You can use regional languages as well in your message to target and make them understand your product or services easily.

Let’s know the main features we offer at YourBulkSMS to wow your customers and generate profit for your business.

Test and Use – Yes you read it right! We offer free demo accout to our clients and you can test our services before buying !

Segment your data

Personalization begins with congregating your customer data and identifying what works with each of those clusters. Segmentation is often based on the audience demographics and past purchase behaviour.

Communicate in your customers’ language

Communicating with your customers in their regional language helps establish an emotional connect, increasing the chances of conversion. YourbulkSMS offers you this service.

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