Bulk SMS Providers: A Thriving Multimedia Technology

In this competitive era of modernization and socialization, the marketing of products also demands digitization with every single individual carrying their world at fingertips. The marketing via social networking aids in the expansion of advertisement to a great extent. Bulk SMS providers in India are one such expanding organization which aids in not only the advertisement of the products but also furnish a platform for other services like bulk voice SMS, transactional bulk SMS and so on.

One such leading Bulk SMS providers in India is YourBulkSMS. The YourBulkSMS is one of the leading service providers in the field of mobile marketing with their peerless performance and service at affordable prices.

Features of Bulk SMS to Different Industries

  • SMPP: – This is a highly expandable store and forward platform for SMS archivist. This service of YourBulkSMS performs the first delivery attempt and not delivered SMS are preserved and retried.
  • Bulk SMS to election: – With a messaging service provider, the door to door service is provided which makes the campaign more attractive. Regular updates can be provided by the leader via SMS or voice calls.
  • Bulk SMS to retail: – A bulk SMS provider offers messaging campaigns during elections. Complains by customers can be registered via SMS.
  • Bulk SMS to government: – It enables the government to send any information via personalized messages and the messages can be sent in any Indian languages by the candidate to the public.
  • Bulk SMS in marketing: – Advertise your offers directly to the customer’s inbox. Sales can increase in a short span of time.
  • Bulk SMS in Banking: – With an SMS the account balance can be enquired via SMS along with ATM or Branch locator.
  • Bulk SMS in Education: – With YourBulkSMS the examination schedule to all the applicants can be sent in a single go through the management of an institution.

Thus, many Bulk SMS providers in India are leading their way towards the thriving multimedia technology across the globe with the furnishing of services at fingertips in a fraction of seconds.

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