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Voice SMS/Calls service is an inventive way to communicate your messages to your customers or clients through voice recordings. Also known as OBD service, it is actually a very potent  system to manage the outbound calls that are initiated by our cloud telephony platform. The messages are recorded in advance thus you get the access […]

The retail industry is growing day-by-day. Now it is one of the most compelling and rapidly developing industries due to several new startups. When it comes to time-sensitive messages SMS is the most potent medium to communicate. Here are some key points which construe the role of bulk SMS in the retail industry:- Prompt people […]

SMS has 90% open rates as compared 20% than that of emails.  With the addition of direct links in your SMS you can boost sales, conversion rate and website engagement. We at YourBulkSMS have designed its platform fast and reliable and always tend to provide hassle free services. Bulk SMS services are helpful for small […]

As A Brand, You Can Use Transactional SMS for Various Non-Marketing Purposes Like the Following: A transactional SMS is a non-marketing automated text message that companies send to support their clienteles along the customer journey. Among the most common transactional SMS types are order confirmations, welcome text messages, and shipping updates. For conveying bank account […]

Though the Transactional Bulk SMS are not meant for promotion of your brand but staying allied with your clients also helps to build trust in the brand. One of the biggest perk of the transaction SMS is that these can be sent even to DND numbers. All the same time, there should not be any […]

The world of marketing always keeps on wavering, marketing is one that is frequently changing, growing, and readjusting. It is integral for all kinds of businesses, small or large to stay amended and clinch fresh channels, schemes, and approaches to keep loyal customers hooked and captivate new customers.SMS is still a robust channel of marketing […]

Give your business the much needed push and sustain by employing the services of Transactional messages, YourBulkSMS Bulk SMS Provider in India! We trying to user in a new era by providing exclusive transactional SMS service that goes a long way in giving you access to technology. This in turn in makes it possible for […]

With YourBulkSMS (One time password) OTP bulk messaging services, organization can function their mission- based messaging in line with the clientele’s needs and inclinations. SMS based concomitant solutions that nullify abundant data volumes, message dormancy, and topologies OTPs (one time password) are highly useful in online transactions like bill payment confirmation, account activation, user registration […]

YourBulkSMS providing the pocket friendly bulk SMS service in Indore election campaign. The Political parties can use Bulk SMS for election campaign in Indore as well as all over India too. Through this politicians can maximize the success in election via sending their manifestos, campaigns etc…. Uses of Bulk SMS for Election Campaign: Texts can […]